A variety of ourgfresh flavoredh
cooked rice
EWe have a variety of cooked rice such as polished rice, steamed rice with red beans and rice porridge. Our packed food is characterized by taste and flavor,which comes from the best rice produced in the area. Our products are sold at convenience stores and other stores.

Traditional pounded rice cakes
EOur rice cakes made from 100% glutinous rice and is very popular, providing customers a fresh, chewy, and smooth taste.

Frozen rice cakes
We provide you real gfreshnessh with our rice cake by freezing it. You can taste the smooth gShiratamahand crispy gisobemotih or gyakimotih, baked rice cake.

Japanese noodles,
special products of Ojiya district
We manufacture beautiful green noodles with Soba-flour produced in our snowy fields and add seaweed for a special touch.