We will give you some information about rice and how to cook it to help you understand our business. These days a variety of brand rice has debuted in the market. Each rice is characterized with its own taste,flavor and other features according to a production area. Summary of each brand rice is as follows;

Koshihikari-brand rice produced in Uonuma area
Koshihikari-brand rice is regarded as the best rice in Japan. This brand rice is characterized with its highly improved taste and flavor, representing rice in Japanese. Even several hours after cooking it does not lose glutinous feature and taste. The rice is best when served as it is, however, it tends to lose its flavor and taste when being fried or mechanically processed.

Akitakomachi-brand rice
Akitakomachi-brand rice is rather light in taste and less glutinous than Koshihikari-brand rice and Sasanishiki-brand rice. The rice produced in Aomori and Yamagata in the Tohoku region is particularly good and popular.

Hitomebore-brand rice
Hitomebore-brand rice created a sensation when it first appeared in the market in 1992. This round, glutinous and soft does not change in taste long after cooking.

Mochi, rice cake